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Air Conditioning and heating service
Q. What is SEER rating?

A. A SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) which indicates how efficient your unit is utilizing electricity indicates the efficiency of cooling. For example, the higher the number the greater the efficiency. Prior to 1992, the typical SEER rating for units manufactured is approximately 6.0, however in 1992; government established a standard minimum cooling efficiency for new homes to be at 10.0 SEER. At a minimum SEER rating of 12.0 with a maximum of 20.0 is standard in all high-efficiency units.
Q. What factors contribute to the comfort of my home?

A.  Temperature
      Fresh and Clean Air
      System Control

Temperature- To the average consumer, temperature is not only the beginning but also the end of discussion when the subject of comfort comes up. However, at C&D Air Conditioning & Heating we believe in able to achieve complete comfort you have to start with heating and cooling as just the foundation of your system.

Fresh and Clean Air- A dusty and dirty home can be extremely uncomfortable, especially for those with bad allergies and asthma patients. At C&D Air Conditioning & Heating you can trust in us to recommend the perfect system for your needs.

Humidity- In Texas the extreme humidity is always a hazard no matter what the season. During the winter months dry air can cause static electricity and itchy dry skin. During this time it is recommended that you add humidity. In the summer remove the humidity factor and you have cooler, less sticky conditions.

System Control- One of the most common complaints among homeowners is an inconsistency of temperature from room to room. At C&D Air Conditioning & Heating we recommend the XL Comfort Control 7-Day Programmable thermostat. Its effortless programming capabilities leave comfort literally at your fingertips.

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Q. How often should my filters be cleaned or replaced?

A. The experts of C&D Air Conditioning & Heating recommend all standard 1-inch thick filters should be checked once a month. Depending on how much the system is used will determine the frequency of replacement.
Q. Should my thermostat be set to "Auto" or "On"?

A. For the best possible efficiency results your thermostat should stay in the "Auto" position.
Q. I am not sure if I have positioned the arrow on my furnace filter in the correct direction. Is there a correct position?

A. Yes. The arrow should ALWAYS point in the direction of airflow. Generally it should go in the same direction as the furnace itself and should fit between the return air part of the system and the furnace. The filter should screen out the dust and other impurities before the air is conditioned and distributed throughout the ducts.
Q. How exactly does an air conditioning system work to properly cool my home?

A. An air conditioning system actually has two parts which partner together to work together. The outdoor unit is where the liquid refrigerant is contained and the indoor coil is where the refrigerant is distributed. As the air transports itself across the coil the refrigerant removes the heat from the air. Consequently, the air conditioner not only cools but also dehumidifies the air.
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Q. It is necessary to cover my outdoor air conditioning unit during the winter months?

A. No. We have found by covering the top of the unit is ok, but covering the whole outdoor unit can hold moisture in the unit through out the winter and cause future problems.
Q. How often should my air conditioning system receive a general maintenance checkup?

A. You typically have much better efficiency results if your air conditioning system has a preventative maintenance check up at least once a year. Please feel free to check out our extensive maintenance program that we offer here at C&D Air Conditioning & Heating.
Q. Do you have an Emergency or "after hours" Service if I need you?

A. Absolutely! At C&D Air Conditioning & Heating our customer's comfort and safety is very important. If needed just give us a call and we will be at your service as soon as possible!
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Q. I live in the Dallas metroplex, how can I be assured you service my area?

A. At C&D Air Conditioning & Heating we are proud to offer service to most of the Dallas metroplex including the cities of Allen, East Dallas, Garland, Heath, Levon, Mesquite, McKinney, Plano, Rowlett, Sachse and Wylie. If you have any questions about your area please call 972-843-3700.
air conditioner service
  Pre-summer tips:

Reliable summer air-conditioning begins with pre-season service and regular maintenance to your air conditioning equipment. Regardless of the type or age of your equipment, it is a good idea to make sure that it is operating properly several days before the heat of the summer.

Air-conditioning equipment that is not operating efficiently can cause comfort problems and produce high operating cost.

Some of the maintenance tasks can be done by yourself. These include cleaning coils, replacing filters, and flushing the drain line.

Indoor unit coils should be cleaned periodically with a vacuum cleaner or brush. The outdoor coils should be kept free of grass, leaves, shrubbery and other obstructions.

If your air conditioning equipment needs servicing, you should hire a professional service technician. He or she can perform the more difficult tasks such as pressure testing, recharging with refrigerant, checking thermostats and sensors, and repairing or replacing electrical and mechanical components.

Homeowners should also review their owner's manuals for information about proper start-up and operation of their equipment. Also, make sure that registers and vents are not restricted or blocked by furniture, carpets, rugs or curtains.

Taking the time to service and maintain your air-conditioning equipment now can ensure that your house will be comfortable this summer. A pre-summer check-up can also ensure that your equipment is operating efficiently.

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Don't Forget Those Filters...

Clean or Change your Filters Once a Month.

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